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About Us

Lama Muthu

Lamamuthu is the publication arm of PEP Lanka (pvt) Ltd, one of the leading company in Sri Lanka.

The printing press is located at Rathmalana, Colombo and administrative office is at Matara. It engaged in printing, publishing, stocking, distributing and sale of books and magazines. It specially focuses on publishing educational books for children.

Today Lamamuthu publishes 7 educational monthly magazines and nearly 100 educational books on different subjects.

Over the last 20 years Lamamuthu has helped hundreds of thousands of students to succeed in their education.

Contact Info

Lamamuthu Publication
(Printing section)
PEP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
49, Abhaya Mawatha, Borupana Rd, Rathmalana.
Tel - 0112 637000
Email - pepaccrathmalana@gmail.com

Lamamuthu Publication
(Administrative section)
PEP Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
125, Rahula Rd, Matara
Tel - 041 4922155 / 077 3031730
Email - lamamuthu@gmail.com

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